Monday, August 5, 2013

Vieste Energy Partners with ESD to Create 100% Clean Energy Data Centers

Vieste Energy and ESD Green Energy Data Center
Illustration of Vieste Energy Green Data Center
Vieste Energy LLC and Environmental Systems Design Inc. are partnering together to create a network of green data centers. Vieste Energy LLC is a renewable energy development and operations firm focused on base load energy production. Environmental Systems Design Inc. is a global consulting-engineering firm that focuses on the delivery of high-performance buildings and seeks to create healthier, more sustainable environments. Several large companies have also joined the green initiative and have begun to use renewable energy resources to power their data centers.

Apple, for example, has a data center in Maiden, North Carolina that sources 60% of its power from a 25 megawatt (MW) solar array and 10 MW fuel cell system. What Apple does not source from solar sources, it gets from nearby facilities. Regardless, all of its power is clean.

Additionally, companies like eBay and Google also make use of clean, renewable sources. One of eBay's data centers located in Utah is powered 100% by fuel cells. Google invested $1.2 billion into the creation of a data center in North Carolina that would be powered 100% by renewable resources.

Vieste Energy LLC has hired Environmental Systems Design Inc. to design a network of green data centers that run entirely on green energy sources. Environmental Systems Design Inc. also designed Allstate's LEED Gold Data Center.

The new data centers will draw their power from gasification based waste-to-energy facilities. These facilities will have environmentally-friendly solid waste management systems, decreasing their total waste and carbon footprint.

"This is one of the most exciting projects within the data center industry today,” said Paul Schlattman, Vice President of Mission Critical Facilities at Environmental Systems Design Inc. "The facilities offer extremely competitive utility rates and a host of other environmental and business benefits."