Monday, October 7, 2013

GreenEDU Trainer Spotlight: ACCESS Training Services

Pennsauken, NJ- ACCESS Training Services provides environmental consulting training services in multiple disciplines. Students can get certified in state, local, OSHA, EPA, HUD, and DOT compliance training. ACCESS Training Services focus on providing interactive instruction for their students, ensuring an effective training experience. The instructors are experienced in environmental training and consulting and are able to provide applicable instruction while answering questions students may have about the field or regulations. Additionally, ACCESS Training Services keeps students engaged by using multimedia presentations.

GreenEDU student Michael A. stated that the "class was very informative." Anthony G commented that he "learned more than I expected... The instructor was very informative and kept the class active."

ACCESS Training Services currently has over 100 upcoming events with GreenEDU in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Some of these courses include:

ACCESS Training Services provides several mold certification courses. Molds are found everywhere within interiors and exteriors, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow. Mold is normally found indoors at levels that do not affect most healthy individuals. 

Because common building materials are capable of sustaining mold growth, and mold spores are ubiquitous, mold growth in an indoor environment is typically related to water or moisture indoors. Mold growth may also be caused by incomplete drying of flooring materials such as concrete. Flooding, leaky roofs, building maintenance problems, or indoor plumbing problems can lead to mold growth inside.

The first step in solving an indoor mold problem is stopping the source of moisture. Next is to remove the mold growth. Significant mold growth may require professional mold remediation to remove the affected building materials and eradicate the source of excess moisture. In extreme cases of mold growth in buildings, it may be more cost-effective to condemn the building rather than clean the mold to safe levels.

Remodeling and demolition contractors, building owners and managers, safety and health professionals, building inspectors, maintenance personnel, or anyone who may have the responsibility of identifying and mediating indoor air quality issues and has minimal experience in dealing with mold, mildew and moisture problems should register for a mold certification course. Mold is a growing problem, and the demand for mold certified workers is increasing. Get certified with ACCESS Training Services today

About ACCESS  Training Services
At ACCESS Training Services, Inc, our mission is to provide high quality, customized training, using state-of-the-art techniques. Our highly experienced certified instructors apply more than 45 years of experience and focus their delivery techniques upon interactive methods to maximize trainee involvement. ACCESS ensures an effective training experience by maximizing trainee participation and applying the information to the work place.

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