Thursday, February 27, 2014

Featured Training: Power Industry Courses

Electricity training for electrical safety, solar installation, electricity basics and more.
GreenEDU is excited to announce a new line up of online training for power industry training. The courses, developed and provided by APT Corporate Training Services, are designed to provide premier online training for the telecommunications and electric power industries. Let's take a look at some of the courses now available:

Basic Electricity and Electronics
Description: This interactive online training provides an comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts of electricity that are the basis of any technical industry. In the course students will learn to determine voltage, current, resistance, and power values for electrical circuits in any configuration, for DC and AC power, and will have an understanding of the operation of the main electrical and electronic components. 
Who's it for: Professionals who want to learn the basic electrical and electronic concepts needed to advance their career or promote business opportunities in the telecommunications or electric power industries.

Description: The Electrical Safety and Grounding course is designed to give industrial and commercial field operations personnel, including those from the power company field operations, a comprehensive understanding of the theory behind safe electrical practices. Emphasis is on working around equipment commonly found within industrial, commercial and electric utility industries in both the energized and de-energized conditions. The course also covers "equipotential grounding" used for safe work activities on overhead and underground power lines.
Who's it for: Electrical engineers, field operations personnel, and safety specialists who require a full understanding of the theories, concepts, and proper procedures needed for safe electrical practices.

Dispatcher Training
Description: The online Dispatcher Training provides students with an overview of the electric power system, overhead and underground distribution facilities, protection concepts, consumption considerations, safety, and briefly discusses distribution planning, reliability and power quality.
Course Benefit: Students will obtain a working knowledge of the power system operations from a service reliability and troubleshooting perspective and will be able to provide guidance in repair and operating recommendations.

Description: This online training presents an introduction to power plants and their basic water and electrical systems. The different types of power plants are discussed including fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear, combined cycle, geothermal, and others used and their characteristics regarding power production are compared. The air-pollution ramifications, control process and environmental monitoring equipment are presented as they apply to regulatory statutes. The key factors and operating parameters regarding the generation of electrical power from steam or other turbines are discussed in this course.
Who's it for: Individuals who are interested in pursuing job positions in the power production industry.

Description: The Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic webinar provides an overview of small size, or residential, solar photovoltaic systems. The course will cover the basic electrical principles as they apply to photovoltaic systems, and will explore the fundamental solar energy concepts.
Who's it for: Students who want an in-depth understanding of Solar Photovoltaic systems and are interested in pursuing job positions in the solar industry. It is also appropriate for individuals considering adding solar power to their homes. 
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