Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EPA To Strictly Enforce RRP Rule in Connecticut

New Haven, CT - The Environmental Protection Agency recently has contacted over 200 home renovation and painting contractors, property management companies, and landlords, emphasizing the importance of compliance with the federal RRP rule. The EPA will be inspecting various companies during the summer to make sure they are up to date with their certifications and are compliant with lead paint removal rules.

New Haven, Connecticut is reported to have the highest rate of children exposed to lead paint in New England. New England has many homes with lead paint because the housing stock tends to be older. The EPA is beginning a new initiative to ensure the safety of the New Haven children. Children exposed to even small amounts of lead paint at early ages may experience lower IQ, learning disabilities, impaired movement, and even sociopathic behavior. The EPA seeks to protect children's health with the RRP Rule, which went into effect in 2010. This rule prevents exposure to lead-based paint and any remaining hazards from renovation, repair, and repainting.

Additionally, the EPA RRP Rule mandates that individuals and companies performing renovations or repainting must attend a training course and become certified through the EPA before they can perform work. These training courses teach lead safe work practices for renovations of pre-1978 homes and any buildings that may occupy children, such as schools.

The EPA has invited New Haven individuals and contracting companies as well as landlords and property managers to attend information sessions at the New Haven Health Department. These information sessions will provide a summary of the RRP Rule requirements and regulations as well as an overview of a settlement offer for violating the RRP Rule. Throughout April and May, the EPA will offer assistance for individuals and companies seeking to become compliant. In June, the EPA will send lead inspectors to inspect various renovation and painting companies to ensure that they are compliant with the RRP Rule.

The EPA will likely continue these inspections throughout the New England area this year. Stay compliant with the RRP Rule by earning your EPA Lead Renovators Certification with GreenEDU. Stay up to date with current rules and regulations by attending an EPA Lead Renovators Certification Refresher course. We offer courses with certified instructors nationwide.

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