Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brooklyn's Borough Hall to Lead the Way for LEED

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to Make Borough Hall LEED Certified
Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams plans to make Brooklyn Borough Hall a LEED certified building. Borough Hall is the borough's oldest public building, built in 1848, and Borough President Adams wants to transform it into an energy-efficient icon. He will work with the USGBC to gain LEED certification for the building.

Borough President Adams believes that this is the first step in transforming the borough into a green, environmentally-friendly place to live: “Borough Hall is going to lead the Brooklyn energy efficiency revolution by example, L-E-E-D to be precise,” said Borough President Adams. “If this marble monument, over one hundred and fifty years old, can be on the cutting-edge of green standards, then every building from Brighton Beach to Bushwick can be as well. We will be able to educate homeowners and business owners alike on common-sense ways to build with the environment in mind, advancing our public health and long-term sustainability.”

Additionally, Borough President Adams has created the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Task Force (ReSET). This team will include representatives from various agencies and think tanks who will create a plan for green energy in Brooklyn. Adams has also vowed to invest over $1 million in to fixing the crumbling, dangerous sidewalks in front of Borough Hall and repairing the Borough Hall clock, which has been stuck at 2:41 for several months.

Borough President Adams' move towards energy efficiency and green building marks an important step for Brooklyn and New York City. Other cities around the world are leading in energy efficiency, including Los Angeles and Washington D.C. It appears that this marks the beginning of several energy efficiency and LEED projects in New York City.

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