Thursday, October 9, 2014

PEER to Lead the Way in Power System Performance

What is PEER™?

PEER™ is the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal™ program is the driving force behind the vision to transform the way power systems are regulated, designed and operated. The program is modeled after LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) program for buildings, and the first comprehensive system for evaluating power system performance.

The PEER™ System provides a rating system of power performance measurable across four outcome categories:
  • Enabling Customer Action - addresses customer care services, protection, participation, and incentives
  • Operational Efficiency - addresses electricity costs, microgrid contribution, general operational expenses, and indirect costs
  • Reliability, Power Quality and Safety - addresses power quality, supply availability, sustained and momentary interruptions, and safety
  • Energy Efficiency and Environment - addresses energy efficiency, air emissions, resource use, and renewable energy credits
In addition, the PEER™ program provides performance metrics and design criteria based on issues that matter most to customers including:
  • Eliminating interruptions and improving safety and power quality; 
  • Being cost-competitive with greater transparency; 
  • Increasing system efficiency and significantly reducing environmental impacts; and 
  • Enabling and encouraging consumer and community participation.
The idea behind the program is to advance the efficiency of the electricity system. The program empowers building owners and power providers to configure and operate their systems to maximum effectiveness. PEER™ is an addition to the number of certification programs and credentials supervised by the GBCI.

The first projects using the PEER™ rating system will be presented at the Green Build Expo taking place in New Orleans, LA from October 22-24.