Thursday, October 1, 2015

Green Construction is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

New study finds massive economic impact of LEED® and green design

A groundbreaking new study commissioned by the United States Green Building Council has affirmed once and for all that green building is a key part of a growing economy. Among its compelling details, the study reveals that by 2018 the green construction industry will contribute over $75 billion in wages. On a larger scale, LEED alone will contribute $29.8 billion to the Gross Domestic Product by that time - meaning the industry and the nation will benefit.

LEED projects already supported 1 million jobs in 2014 alone; contractors across the country have long been aware of a LEED certification’s potential to bring in high-paying clients. The report highlights “economic and social benefits to owners and occupants, incentive utility program benefits, decreased lifecycle costs, and increased asset value [as] reasons that companies and individuals will continue to choose to build LEED-certified buildings,” and points out that state and national governments are especially likely to choose LEED certified contractors. Projections of spending for the coming years indicate that the field will only become more profitable as it grows.

LEED and green design boost individual companies and the nation as a whole.
Getting LEED certified can earn you more money each year.
Investors and property owners especially look for green buildings, particularly LEED certified buildings, that are good for the environment; the report shows that not only do these projects conserve resources, but those savings translate to economic savings as well. In the next three years, LEED certified projects alone are projected to create over $1 billion in energy savings, nearly $150 million in water savings, and millions more in maintenance and waste savings. These savings benefit everyone involved; property owners appreciate lower yearly costs, consumers are thrilled to reduce their environmental impact, and contractors who’ve kept up on certifications and special design or building skills find their services more in demand.

With this report, it’s clear that green building is no longer an up-and-coming industry: it is the heart of the construction field, making it crucial for contractors and workers to get with the times. The report includes an exciting description of the years ahead that will resonate with anyone in the field: “The future for the green industry is projected to see positive growth for years to come, with its influence reaching across the U.S. economy with significant environmental and social benefits being generated to protect the people and the planet. Our findings show that green building construction growth currently outpaces general construction and will continue to do so through 2018.”

As green building drives the economy, demand for sustainable design and construction experts continues to grow. Get LEED accredited now or browse training courses on to build your skills!

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