Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GreenEDU Announces New Partnership with ThermalStar

Phoenix, AZ -- GreenEDU has recently announced a partnership with ThermalStar, one of Arizona's best building performance training certification companies. ThermalStar is an accredited Building Performance Institute (BPI) trainer and has had superb results, with an 93% overall passing rate on their BPI tests. GreenEDU is excited to partner with a company that produces results, and we look forward to helping ThermalStar grow.

ThermalStar offers energy auditor courses in Phoenix and Tuscon, and allows students to retake classes for free if they do not pass their exams the first time. They work on a local level and strive to meet the needs of their local workforce by holding weekend, late-night, or individual training courses. ThermalStar currently offers the BPI Building Analyst Workshop courses in Phoenix.

About ThermalStar
ThermalStar offers BPI Building Analyst preparation courses that cover Introduction to Building Science, Building Performance, Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing requirements, home energy efficiency and the BPI Standards. Their curriculum has been reviewed by The Building Performance Institute (BPI) to align with BPI standards and offers interactive and regular contact with the personal mentor/instructor. This certification preparation course provides students with the knowledge necessary for them to pass the BPI Certification tests and continue on to be a skilled BPI professional.
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