Thursday, May 30, 2013

GreenEDU Partners with Environmental Training and Consulting

Englewood, CO -- GreenEDU is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Environmental Training and Consulting. Environmental Training and Consulting (ETC) is one of the largest suppliers of asbestos training in Colorado and has been providing excellent and reliable service for over 15 years. Their training programs are offered on a regular basis, and they can meet the needs of their students by providing additional classes in the evening, on the weekends, and even on the job site. ETC serves a variety of clients including University of Colorado students, Colorado State Department of Health employees, Denver Public School workers. By partnering with GreenEDU, ETC's training courses will be easily accessible, and we hope to help ETC grow locally and nationally.

Environmental Training and Consulting currently offers many courses in asbestos training in Englewood, Colorado including Asbestos Operations and Maintenance courses, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor courses, and Asbestos Supervisor Refresher courses. ETC also offers courses taught in Spanish such as Asbestos Worker/Handler and Asbestos Worker Refresher.

About Environmental Training and Consulting
Since 1998, Environmental Training and Consulting, Inc has been the largest provider of asbestos training in Colorado. They offer entry-level training for individuals wanting to enter the asbestos abatement industry along with advanced training for experienced individuals who want to further their careers in the asbestos field. ETC teaches their students about proper safety procedures and equipment and state-of-the-art work practices as protecting both the public and the contractor from injury and potential liability has always been their most important objective. All of the courses are taught by seasoned instructors with an average of 20+ years of experience in the asbestos abatement industry. ETC constantly emphasizes safety and compliance with current federal, state, and local regulations, giving their students the information they need to take the state licensing examination.