Thursday, May 2, 2013

NCARB's New ARE Practice Programs Service - A Must Read If You Are An Architect Taking Your ARE Exams!

Released by NCARB:

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is pleased to announce a new ARE practice programs service that allows users of 64-bit Windows operating systems and Macs to access the practice programs.

At just $10 for an annual subscription, the new cloud-based service provides easy, affordable, and unlimited online access to the practice programs. In addition to the paid service, the practice programs remain available for FREE download – see details below.

CUSTOMERS ARE EXCITED ABOUT THE SERVICEIn a recent survey of those who beta tested the service, more than 75 percent of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that the service would be a valuable resource. Here’s a sampling of their feedback:

As a Mac user, this option is a lifesaver.”
This service is essential—please continue to offer it!
Much easier than downloading the software...very convenient.
Make it available ASAP!
Thank you! A very welcome addition…please keep this service.

For less than $1 a month ($10 annually), you will have unlimited online access to the practice programs, an invaluable resource for preparing for the ARE. You can subscribe to the service by doing the following:
  • Log into My NCARB, and click the “Add” button for the ARE practice programs. 
  • Follow the instructions on the next page to subscribe to and purchase the service. 
  • Once your payment has been submitted, you’ll be directed to the ARE Practice Programs Access page, which provides login instructions, including your username and a password. 
  • Remote Desktop software is required to access this service. It comes standard on most computers, and instructions are provided in My NCARB and on on how to download for free if necessary.
FREE PRACTICE PROGRAMS REMAIN AVAILABLEIn addition to the new paid service, the ARE practice programs remain available for free download and will work on an IBM PC or compatible computer running Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows NT, or Windows Vista 32-bit. Candidates who do not wish to subscribe to the cloud-based service—and who are using a 64-bit machine running the Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions—should be able to create a virtual machine to install the various practice programs. Learn how to install a Virtual PC here.

Learn more about the service by reviewing the FAQs on