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Longpoint Environmental Training Joins GreenEDU Network

GreenEDU has recently announced a new partnership with Longpoint Environmental Training. Longpoint Environmental Training provides environmental and safety training in multiple locations, including Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas. With over 6 years of education expertise, they give their students the necessary instruction for them to pass their exams and meet the state certification requirements. They provide quality asbestos training on a daily basis in their multiple locations, making it easy and convenient for students to register for a course. Longpoint Environmental Training currently offers Asbestos Certification courses with GreenEDU, and we are looking forward to this partnership.

"We are excited to work with Longpoint Environmental Training," stated GreenEDU CEO Zachary Rose. "They have multiple training locations and offer Asbestos certification for several disciplines. We believe that GreenEDU can help Longpoint Environmental Training grow and continue with their success."

Longpoint Environmental Training currently offers many courses with GreenEDU, and has over 200 upcoming training courses, including Asbestos Worker/Handler training and Asbestos Supervisor training. They also offer training courses in Spanish as well as Refresher courses for each discipline.

About Longpoint Environmental Training
Longpoint Environmental Training is a licensed environmental and safety training provider operating in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas. We provide training that is required by OSHA, EPA, and other state agencies. Our course offerings - which include Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Construction Safety, and Hazardous Materials - provide our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to earn the appropriate certification and to ultimately perform their work in a safe and professional manner.

To register for a course or to view more information, visit

Friday, June 28, 2013

Study Shows Link Between LEED Buildings and Residents' Health

Asthma is the most common chronic disease for American children, affecting 10% of children nationwide. In low-income, urban neighborhoods, asthma affects over 20% of children and accounts for over $65 billion in health expenses annually. Recently, members of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Blue Sea Development conducted a study ("Impact of LEED-Certified Affordable Housing on Asthma in the South Bronx") on how LEED certified buildings impacted children living with asthma.

LEED certified apartment building air quality
Melrose Commons
Often green buildings are praised for their impact on the mental and physical health of their occupants. For example, medical facilities have begun using green roofs to improve the mental health of its patients. The efficient heating and cooling systems of green buildings are shown to decrease fatigue, headaches, discomfort, and skin problems of occupants.

In order to study the impact of these green buildings on respiratory health, Mount Sinai moved tenants from their urban apartments into a LEED-certified apartment building in the Bronx called the Melrose Commons. The study showed that indoor air pollutants are greater in low-income, urban households and that there were higher numbers of indoor allergens, pests, and mold present in these homes. To view the impact of indoor air quality on tenants living with asthma, pets were not allowed in the LEED-certified building, and smoking was prohibited within 25 feet of the complex.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine additionally provided tenants with asthma education sessions, teaching them common triggers of asthma. The green apartment building was also constructed using construction materials with low environmental pollutants and an efficient, green ventilation system.

After families moved into these affordable LEED-certified houses for an 18-month period, the study found:
  • A significant decrease in daytime respiratory symptoms, 
  • A decrease in nighttime asthma symptoms that typically disturb sleep
  • A decrease in urgent health care visits for asthma attacks
  • A decrease in the number of days they experienced asthma symptoms
  • A decrease in the number of days missed from work or school
  • An increase in use of hypoallergenic materials
  • An increase in green cleaning materials
The study demonstrates that there is a link between energy efficient homes and the health of the residents. LEED-certified buildings aim to improve indoor air quality and eliminate pests and mold.  City planners and builders need to make indoor air quality and healthier homes a priority and are encouraged to use LEED and green building standards as guidelines, as asthma burdens many communities nationwide. Public health workers and environmental health specialists can also use these new findings to develop advocacy efforts and outreach programs to teach low-income residents and families about harmful asthma triggers and the importance of healthy homes. 

GreenEDU Visits the LEED Certified Minnesota Twins Stadium

LEED certified baseball stadium in Minnesota
Target Field
Recently, I traveled to Minneapolis for a friend's wedding and was able to take a tour of Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins. The stadium replaced Metrodome as the home of the Twins in 2010 and was built almost entirely from materials from local vendors.  The only thing not from Minnesota is the grass -- which was imported from Colorado so that it could survive on the ballpark's sand. The Twins stadium was awarded LEED Silver certification for both its construction and the operations and maintenance of its facility.

One of the most interesting ways the Twins achieved LEED certification was through its rain water collection system. Its Rain Water Recycle System was provided by Pentair and allows any rainwater that falls onto the grass to trickle down and be collected and purified by the system. The stadium has recycled over 680,000 gallons of rainwater, and is mainly used to clean the seating area for now. The Twins hope that they can use this recycled water to water the playing field in the future.

Twins baseball stadium is LEED Certified
The Twins Stadium has also been praised for its recycling system, and has sent over 741.3 tons of trash to Hennepin Energy Recovery Center, which converts trash to usable energy. Some of this energy was even used to heat the stadium and provide hot water for the facility. They have recycled over 430.67 tons of waste and sent 152.41 tons of organic materials to be composted and plan to continue these efforts to divert waste from going to landfills. They also use green cleaning products to reduce chemical waste and to improve the health of their occupants.

One of the most admirable efforts by the stadium is their ongoing effort to reduce food waste and help the community by donating any unused food to local charities.  In one season, they donated over 7,500 tons of food, including hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken breasts. All of the food was packaged but untouched and, of course, uneaten by baseball fans.

The ballpark earned its LEED certification from USGBC and was named "The Greenest Ball Park in America." In 2011 it became the first professional sports franchise to be awarded both LEED-Silver certification for New Construction as well as for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

State of Florida Recognizes BPI as Rating System Provider

BPI Energy Efficiency Training in Florida
For immediate release from the Building Performance Institute, Inc:
Malta, NY, June 27, 2013 - Effective July 1, 2013, the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) will be recognized as one of a few selected entities authorized to provide a building energy-efficiency rating system in the State of Florida. On Friday, June 14, 2013, Bill SB269, or the Building Code Bill, which deregulates the HERS industry in Florida was signed into law by Florida's Governor Rick Scott. The legislation redefines the structure of the building energy-efficiency rating system, ratings, and the credentialing options available to professionals providing energy evaluations in Florida. Click here to view a summary of the bill.

"BPI is proud to be recognized by the State of Florida as a partner in the state's advancement of energy efficiency," said Larry Zarker, BPI CEO. "This new opportunity will make it possible for BPI's growing professional network to ensure that the citizens of Florida benefit from the industry leading standards that BPI has developed to ensure the health, safety, and energy savings of families across the country."

Zarker will be available to discuss BPI's approach at the Energy Professionals Forum, a free information session on July 11 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Registration is required, but there is no cost to attend the informational session. The event will be held in room 320H, directly above the exhibit hall during the Southeast Building Conference being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from July 11-13, 2013. More information will be provided as available, or watch for information about this session at

This legislation is strongly supported by industry organizations, based on the maturity of the market and the need to diversify the business opportunities for auditors and raters who offer energy efficiency services to Florida consumers and business owners.

"It's been rewarding to know that Florida is in a position to deregulate," says Doug Buck, governmental affairs director with the Florida Home Builders Association. "In the past, I had supported the idea of a sole provider at a time when the ratings and home performance industry was in its infancy. Now, as the industry has matured, with so many professionals and providers, deregulation will bring more competition, better prices and better access to the services that raters and auditors can offer consumers to make smart choices for energy efficiency in their homes, whether new or existing. BPI will be an important part of that effort."

"The Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA) applauds the Governor's decision to sign Florida House Bill 269 allowing consumers and the construction industry to have a choice of certification providers for building energy analysis and ratings," says Tom Worthmann, FRACCA President. "His action additionally provides a relief to Florida HVAC contractors holding BPI certifications from the requirement to obtain expensive similar or duplicate certifications to comply with Florida statutes. Florida has long been a leader in developing standards through certification of energy raters but the time had come to allow in programs equivalent to the State sanctioned Florida Solar Energy Center's (FSEC) rater training and certification. FRACCA looks forward to working with BPI and the other certification providers officially approved by the State."

Details about how BPI will manage the building energy-efficiency rating system, including certification and software requirements, are still in the development phase. Discussions are being held with state agencies and interested stakeholders to see what is required of BPI to best support its certified professionals and consumers in the State of Florida. BPI Test Centers are preparing to offer additional training and examination resources to support auditors, raters, and contractors in Florida who are seeking BPI certifications.

About the Building Performance Institute
BPI is the nation's premier building performance credentialing, quality assurance and standards setting organization. BPI develops technical standards using an open, transparent, consensus-based process built on sound building science. BPI is approved by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) as an accredited developer of American National Standards and as a certifying body for personnel credentials.

BPI offers the following: 
  • National standards to ensure top quality, consistent protocols are being followed throughout the home performance and weatherization workforce 
  • Certification of individuals in building analyst, heating, AC/heat pump, shell/envelope and multi-family designations 
  • Accreditation of contracting companies committed to delivering quality home performance improvements 
  • Quality assurance to verify conformance with BPI sta ndards and provide feedback for continuing improvement 
  • Partnership with testing organizations that deliver BPI services in their market 
For more information on BPI, visit

Released by:
Building Performance Institute, Inc.
107 Hermes Road, Suite 110
Malta, NY 12020
Phone: (877) 274-1274
Fax: (866) 777-1274

GreenEDU Announces New Partner: Occupational Training and Supply

GreenEDU is excited to announce a recent partnership with Occupational Training and Supply (OTS). OTS offers environmental health and safety training services in Willowbrook, Illinois and Kenosha, Wisconsin. They have been providing their expertise for over 23 years, and we are looking forward to sharing their knowledge and professional training with our clients. We believe this partnership will allow OTS to grow and continue to be the leading Midwestern safety trainer.

Occupational Training and Supply currently offers a number of courses with GreenEDU, including EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Asbestos Worker/Handler training, Mold Remediation training, and HAZWOPER-40 hour training in Illinois.

About Occupational Training and Supply
Occupational Training and Supply (OTS) is the Midwest leader for environmental, health and safety training and a Certified WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) through the State of Illinois, State of Wisconsin, and City of Chicago. They provide quality training by using knowledgeable instructors, a fully equipped facility with real-life demonstrations, state of-the-art equipment, and hands-on training. Their areas of training include Asbestos Abatement, Lead Paint Abatement, EPA Lead Safety Certification, Mold Remediation, HAZWOPER/HAZMAT, OSHA Compliance, and more!

To view all available courses and to register, please visit

Retail and Hospitality Go Green & Financially Gain

Eco-Friendly Hilton Hotel; Source: TreeHugger
Green building projects are becoming more prevalent in the retail, restaurant, and hotel industries, as going green leads to several benefits for business owners. According to a McGraw Hill study, the retail and hospitality industries face great challenges in efficiency due to their long hours of operation and number of guests. Green building efforts in retail and hospitality have almost doubled since 2011, with retail and restaurant reporting that 38% of their construction projects are green and hotels reporting 48%. These numbers are expected to increase by at least 10% within the next year.

Both industries have seen the benefits of green building. The retail industry saw an 8% decrease in annual operating costs and 15% decrease in energy consumption. Hotels saw a 1% decrease in operating costs and a 15% decrease in energy consumption as well.

Both industries saw an increase in ROI or return on investment. Retail saw an 8% average increase and hotels saw a 14% average increase. Green buildings are incredibly beneficial for these industries as they often constantly use utilities. Hotels for example, keep hallway lights on 24 hours a day, and if they invested in energy efficient building systems, they could waste less energy and save more money. Investing in a more expensive, but green design would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run for these industries, leading to an increase in asset value.

Customers also place high value on being able to shop or stay in green buildings as 41% of retail shoppers and 70% of hotel customers reported that they valued shopping or staying in green buildings. Customers tend to feel better when contributing to a company that is environmentally aware. The study demonstrates that going green allows companies to not only save money but also to enhance the customer experience.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GreenEDU Partners with The Laboratory Safety Institute

Natick, MA- Recently, The Laboratory Safety Institute joined the GreenEDU network of health and safety training services. The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) provides OSHA/Construction Safety courses and specialized training for lab safety. LSI strives to teach their employees and students to care about health and safety and to identify these hazards in their day to day lives. As a non-profit organization, LSI genuinely cares about the lives and safety of their students and the public, and they provide additional resources to help their clients reach success, such as online instructional videos, internet discussions, and lab guidelines in multiple languages.

The Laboratory Safety Institute currently provides a variety of courses with GreenEDU. These courses include  a Two-Day Lab Safety Short Course, Lab Waste Management, One-Day Lab Safety Seminar, Chemical Hygiene Officer training across the US.

About The Laboratory Safety Institute
The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) was founded in 1978 by Dr. James A. Kaufman to provide safety training for secondary school science teachers. They are a non-profit (501C3) corporation and Massachusetts Public Charity and the only Non-Profit International Center for Lab Safety in Science and Science Education. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality safety training, audits, inspections and consultation services in a wide variety of academic and non-academic environments. To date, they have trained over 70,000 professionals from secondary schools, universities, colleges, government, and private industries.

To view all available courses and to register, please visit

Is the Housing Market Really Recovering?

Is the housing recovery real? After the housing bubble burst in 2008 and its following economic crisis, housing prices plummeted and were at all-time lows in 2012. Recently, however, Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody's Analytics, stated that, "We're in the early stages of a good run in the housing market."

Pent up demand is causing current home owners to enter the market once again and seek new homes. Jonathan Smoke, Hanley Wood's Chief Economist, posits that 30% of homeowners are tired of their current homes, causing a shift upward in demand.

Home prices have risen by about 7.4% with the median price rising to $250,000, with even larger growth rates in Athens, Georgia and Silverthorne, Colorado. As housing prices are beginning to rise again, consumer confidence has also been boosted with a 76.2 Consumer Confidence Index rating--it's highest level in over 5 years.

housing market in recovery
Source: Coldwell Banker
However, the supply of homes is at new lows, with new single family homes dropping 16% in the last year and existing homes down 18%.

This is great news, however, for the construction industry, as construction unemployment has decreased 43% since 2010 to meet this rising demand and shortage of available homes. The housing market is seeing significant growth once again, as new home starts are up 40%, with great gains in California; Sarasota, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite this growth, consumers must be careful. Homeowners are still hesitant in selling their homes, waiting for prices to peak again as they did in 2007 before the housing bubble burst. Additionally, purchasing new homes is still unrealistic for many as the job market is still stagnant. The housing recovery may be slow and hindered by other factors, but as the markets across the country are showing growth once again, we can confirm that the recovery is indeed real.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lead Certification In Utah - Training Schedule Expanded With 1st Choice Lead Training Partnership

Sandy, UT- GreenEDU has recently announced a strategic partnership with 1st Choice Lead Training, a Utah-based lead-training company. They provided several lead safety classes in Sandy, Utah and offer online instructional and  hands-on classroom training for its students. 1st Choice Lead Training strives to meet the needs of their busy clients by offering convenient, cost-effective courses to assist their students in meeting certification requirements. All of their courses are provided by accredited professionals who are confident and passionate about education.

1st Choice Lead Training currently offers EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial Training in Utah with GreenEDU.

About 1st Choice Lead Training
Summit Risk Management, the #1 provider of Lead Renovator (RRP) training in Utah, has partnered with to bring you 1st Choice Lead Training. The company's quality training has been reviewed and approved by both the EPA and the DEQ. Regularly scheduled courses are offered at its Sandy, Utah location and can be brought directly to any clients looking to have 12 or more individuals trained in Lead Renovation.

For more information and to register for a course, please visit

Obama's Plan to Combat Climate Change

Today, President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University, outlining his plan to tackle climate change and limit carbon emissions. Obama is calling for an end to subsidies given to U.S. coal companies unless they use carbon capture and storage technology, which captures harmful CO2 emissions from power plants and transports them to storage sites. His new plan also calls for mandatory greenhouse gas restrictions for power plants and energy companies. Obama plans on side-stepping Congress, implementing this plan as an executive order.

Source: Discovery News
While Obama's plan does not create immediate relief for the environment, many groups are finding his efforts incremental but admirable. However, energy companies warn that his plan will cause a high rise in consumer energy prices. Energy stock has already decreased with Peabody Energy Company dropping 9% in the late-morning and Arch Coal down 11%.

Obama plans on tackling coal and promoting natural gas instead. He has announced a goal of reducing carbon dioxide pollution by 3 billion metric tons by 2030. This bold move by Obama may bankrupt energy companies and leave many Americans jobless or struggling to pay for rising energy bills; however, the rest of his Climate Action Plan is much less daring. He has outlined plans to prepare for ongoing climate change, such as the rising sea levels, increasing wild fires, and decreasing biodiversity. He plans on using federal agencies to teach farmers about water efficiency, to combat wild fires by removing brush, and to strengthen infrastructure in case of severe weather. His plan did not address controversial issues of fracking, oil, or the Keystone XL pipeline.

Many critics are finding Obama's plan as just rhetoric and dangerous for energy companies and the American economy while supporters are excited about his dedication to a sustainable future and reduction of harmful emissions.

For more information, visit

Is Fungus the Future of Green Building?

Fungus is often negatively associated with food, homes, and gardens, but could fungus be the building material of the future? Many scientists believe so as they are developing industrial-strength fungi that can be used in building for homes. Mycelium, the vegetative-part of fungi that helps transport nutrients, is found to be incredibly strong, non-toxic, fire-proof, and water-resistant when its dried. It also functions well as insulation and can be stronger than concrete when it is compressed, forming dense, foam-like building blocks.
fungus green building materials
Mycelium Insulation

Scientists and construction companies alike are now looking toward mycelium since it can be quickly and easily grown, can be molded and crafted into various shapes, and is eco-friendly. Unlike styrofoam and many other materials, the fungi can be disposed of and used in soil and gardens. 

Philip Ross has worked with Far West Fungi to create this super strong material out of the wasted part of mushrooms. The mycelium is thin, floss-like but extremely durable and strong. It can be used for insulation, car bumpers, laptop cases, and various other products. And while many worry that we will soon be living in Smurf-like mushroom houses, it's not that unrealistic as these fibers can be used as wooden beams for houses. Transforming waste fungi into green building material wastes less money and resources and promotes eco-friendly living, and we are just starting to see the potential that fungi has to offer. 

Learn more about green building materials through our online continuing education courses at!

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How To Become An Asbestos Abatement Contractor in California

Looking to become a certified Asbestos Contractor in California? Here are the steps you need to take to properly register and become certified to perform asbestos abatement in California. NOTE: These instructions are for individuals who are already a licensed contractor in CA.
  1. Attend an accredited Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training course, which is 5 days in length.
  2. Register with the Asbestos Contractor Registration Unit of DOSH (Cal/OSHA)
  3. Contact the Cal/OSHA Asbestos Unit at: and request an application package. This will provide the applicant with the most specific and complete information needed to complete the application process.
    • To register, you must provide proof of the following:
      1. Certification by the CSLB unless a public and private employer operating on their own premises.
      2. Health Insurance or a trust account of $500 per employee to cover the cost of medical examinations and monitoring (except for contractors without employees) 
      3. Worker's Compensation Insurance coverage. 
      4. Certified Supervisors who have the experience and authority to manage the asbestos removal process and who are OSHA competent persons. For most this means an initial Cal/OSHA-approved contractor/supervisor class lasting five days with a one-day refresher each year. 
      5. Worker training consisting of Cal/OSHA-approved initial and annual refresher courses in asbestos-removal. 
      6. Compliance with the applicable occupational safety and health standards
      7. Written asbestos removal operating policies and procedures 
      8. List of equipment necessary to perform such work
    • During the initial review process DOSH will check over your documentation, evaluate your compliance history, and review your proposed procedures. They may require additional explanations or procedure revisions if necessary. Once you pass their initial review process, you'll be issued a certificate of registration, which is valid for one year unless revoked. Check out Cal/OSHA's frequently asked questions for further information on the registration process.
  4. Apply with California State License Board (CSLB) for Asbestos Certification C-22 LicenseView Application & Instructions ($75.00).
  5. Pass the CSLB Asbestos Certification Exam
    • The examination can be scheduled as soon as 15 days from the acceptance of your CSLB application. A study guide and more info for the examination is available from CSLB online at or by calling the 24-hour automated phone system at (800) 321-CSLB (2752).

Have additional questions on becoming a California asbestos contractor? Give us a call at 646-564-3546 and we'll be happy to assist you.

GreenEDU Announces Partnership with Chem Scope, Inc

North Haven, CT- Chem Scope, Inc has recently joined the GreenEDU network of health and environmental safety services training providers. Chem Scope specializes in EPA Lead Renovators and Asbestos certification training in Connecticut, and have an accredited, professional staff that strives to provide informative and timely customer service. With high quality training, Chem Scope, Inc is a leader in North Haven for safety training and gives its students the skills necessary for them to confidently and effectively do their work. GreenEDU is looking forward to working with Chem Scope, Inc and continuing their mission to keep their students informed and the public safe.

Chem Scope, Inc currently provides EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training, and Asbestos Supervisor Refresher courses in North Haven, CT.

About Chem Scope, Inc
Chem Scope, Inc was founded in 1979 in New Haven, CT as an environmental testing and consulting firm. Their field capability includes a full range of air monitoring and building inspection equipment, along with six microscopy laboratories. Their staff members have a reputation for accessibility and prompt service and are licensed Industrial Hygiene Professionals and Connecticut Licensed/Certified Asbestos Project Monitors, Asbestos and Lead Inspectors, and Asbestos and Lead Project Designers.

For more information and to register for courses, please visit

Friday, June 21, 2013

Expanded Options for Mold Training Classes in Florida Now Available With Air Analytics Partnership

Oviedo, FL- GreenEDU recently announced a partnership with Air Analytics, a full service consulting firm that specializes in industrial hygiene and construction safety training in Florida. The company's experienced professionals provide hands-on training and respond to students' needs and questions, providing an interactive learning environment to help them succeed in the workplace. GreenEDU is excited to partner with Air Analytics as they offer an expansive schedule of training in Florida for mold, lead paint, and asbestos.

Air Analytics offers a variety of courses including Asbestos Worker/Handler training, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training, EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, and Mold Assessment and Remediation training.

Air Analytics offers Asbestos Refresher training for multiple disciplines as well as courses in Spanish, including Asbestos Worker/Handler in Spanish and Asbestos Worker Refresher in Spanish.

About Air Analytics
Air Analytics' field-experienced professionals provide a variety of services to help clients promote and achieve workplace health and safety, as well as comply with government regulations. They provide solutions, comprehensive consulting and support in Industrial Hygiene Services, Occupational Safety and Health, Indoor Air Quality Services, Environmental Consulting, OSHA and EPA Required Compliance Training. They undertake each job with the highest standards of professionalism, lead in the continuous improvement and use of safety practices, and strive to achieve and promote the legacy of a healthy American workforce.

To view all available Air Analytics courses in Florida and to register, visit

Top Trends for Green Building

As the green initiative is expanding among both producers and consumers, many companies want their buildings to be green too. Construction companies have been continuously finding new ways to incorporate environmentally-friendly materials in the construction of new buildings and homes. These are the main trends for green building this year:

1) Recycled Materials- The construction industry is putting recyclable materials to good use by using them in place of traditional materials. Bottles, cans, tires, and recycled wood among others are used creatively and efficiently to create eco-friendly buildings.

2) Efficient Heating and Cooling- Heating and cooling can use a large amount of energy, and can account up to 2/3 of your energy bills depending on where you live. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average home can produce up to 6,600 pounds of CO2 with heating and cooling alone. The construction industry is striving to find new ways to decrease the amount of energy waste by incorporating sunlight and more efficient windows and furnace systems into buildings.

Meyers Pediatric Hospital Green Roof
3) Green Roofs- Green roofs are covered or partially covered with vegetation. Hospitals, for example, are incorporating these into their facilities to boost the happiness levels of patients while also helping the environment.

4) Smaller Size- Although green buildings are growing in number, they tend to be shrinking in size, as smaller buildings use less materials and tend to waste less energy than larger buildings.

5) Solar Energy- Many buildings now have solar panels installed onto their roofs. This alternative energy source tends to be cleaner, more efficient, and less costly in the long run. Net-zero energy buildings tend to incorporate solar panels into their construction.

6) LEED Certification- Becoming LEED Certified is now a goal for many companies as the rating system can give firms a competitive advantage. LEED Certified. For example, Kaiser Permanente has made LEED Certification a new goal for all of its buildings. LEED is becoming a global trend, as countries around the world are striving to meet new green building standards, and LEED Earth is offering free certification for countries that do not have any LEED buildings yet.

7) Water Conservation- Architects and construction companies have become more concerned with water conservation and minimizing water loss. Many homes and commercial buildings now feature rainwater collection systems to minimize external water use.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Get An Asbestos License in New York

After attending an asbestos training class, there are additional steps to obtain your asbestos license with the state of New York.

If you have not already attended a course, view our asbestos training schedule.
  • If you have successfully completed an asbestos training course approved by the New York State Department of Health (DOH), your training provider will provide you with a Certificate of Asbestos Safety Training (DOH-2832) marked Department of Labor. This Certificate is the only proof the Department of Labor will accept from the applicants who attend a Department of Health approved training course. After obtaining this certificate by attending an approved training course, you can access the DOL asbestos application and instructions here: Asbestos Application Instructions and Asbestos Application for NY
  • If you have successfully completed an out-of-state course or have completed a course that has not been approved yet by the Department of Health, you must obtain a determination of equivalency from the New York State Department of Health. The Equivalency Application can be obtained at the DOH or here: AsbestosLicense Equivalency Form. Make the request for a determination of equivalency as soon as possible to allow time for the Health Department to process your request.

You also need to show proof that you do not owe child support in New York State. Access this application here: Child Support Appendix to an Asbestos License Application.

Use this form to Request a Photo ID from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles if you do not have a New York State Drivers License or a non driver ID card. These are used for the picture on your asbestos "hard card" license. 

What Fees are due with my asbestos application?
You must submit a non-refundable application fee for each type of certificate you are requesting. If you are applying for more than one type of certificate, you may submit one check to cover the total fee due. The NY Dept. of Labor only accepts a check or money order made payable to the Commissioner of Labor. (Please note: these application fees are separate from the fee processed for your initial asbestos training in New York State)

The code assigned and the schedule of fees for each asbestos certificate are as follows:

Code/Certificate Fees Due:
How often do I have to renew my NY asbestos license?
The initial or annual asbestos refresher training used to obtain or renew your asbestos certificate must have been taken no more than one year from the date your: 1. Application is submitted or 2. Your certificate expires. Refresher training must be taken every year, regardless of the expiration date on your NYS Department of Labor handler certificate (hard card). If you wait more than two years to take a refresher course, you will be required to start all over and take an initial course. Initial and renewal applications use the same form.

Do I need a Contractor's License to perform asbestos work in New York State?Yes. Besides for your initial training and application for your individual asbestos license, you are required to apply for an Asbestos Contractor's License. You can access the Asbestos Contractor License Instructions by clicking on the link, and you can access the actual application here Asbestos Contractor License Application. Keep in mind, that you must have the necessary insurance coverage to be an Asbestos Contractor: Asbestos Contractor Insurance Coverage Form.

Is there an Asbestos Project Notification policy in New York State? Yes. You must complete this Asbestos Project Notification Form and send it to the Asbestos Control Bureau before beginning any project where you might releaseasbestos. Complete and email or fax this Emergency Asbestos Project Notification to the Asbestos Notification Unit for approval to start an emergency project, instead of calling to request the approval.

Contributor: Gregory Jaskowiak - GreenEDU Programs Manager & In-House Instructor. Greg is an EPA Certified Lead Renovator, Lead Abatement Worker, & Dust Sampling Technician.

Combined LEED Green Associate + LEED AP Exam Prep Now Available Through Andron Partnership

GreenEDU is now partnering with Andron Architecture - Andron Continuing Education. They offer a comprehensive, low-cost one day prep course for the LEED Exam. Andron Architecture strives to help its students pass the exam on their first try, encouraging students to ask questions. They currently offer a  LEED Green Associate and LEED AP BD+C Combined Prep Course with GreenEDU. In order to achieve the LEED AP BD+C credential, both exams must be passed, so this combined course allows students to prepare for both and save money and time. Andron Architecture offers this 1-day LEED exam prep course in a variety of locations including Philadelphia, Houston, and San Francisco.

Zachary Rose, CEO of GreenEDU, commented, "We are looking forward to this partnership. Andron provides valuable knowledge and insight so that our clients can pass their exams on their first try. The company has created an accessible, comprehensive workshop, where students can feel confident and comfortable."

About Andron Architecture- Andron Continuing Education
Richard Andron, AIA, LEED AP, Founder and President of Andron Architecture - Andron Continuing Education, has been a registered architect dedicated to the principles of sustainable design for 25 years. His LEED certification consultancies include the LEED Silver Certified University of Minnesota Football Stadium and Minnesota Twins Baseball Stadium, U.S. Olympic Team Training Facilities in California, a Technology & Training Center in Texas, City Management & Police Offices in Pennsylvania, and several office/retail projects around the country. Richard is an AIA Approved Continuing Education Provider and has presented to more than 120 professional groups over the past four years. He teaches a combined Green Associate and LEED AP BD+C 1-day course exclusively, and is able to provide the knowledge, experience and insight you need to pass the exams.

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Is New York City the Greenest City in the Nation?

Despite its availability of actual green grass and plants, New York City is considered to be one of the "greenest" cities in the nation due to its excellent energy efficiency, ranking just below other metropolitan cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta. New York City reported 90 Energy Star Buildings in 2009 and has saved over $80 million dollars in energy bills. Due to its high density of buildings and its wide use of mass transit, New York is a leader in the environmental movement.

Mayor Bloomberg has been instrumental in the step toward an environmentally friendly city, pledging to plant 1 million new trees, promoting the new Citibike Bike Share program, and encouraging city leaders to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Bloomberg has also mandated that privately-owned buildings must report their energy and water use as a way to publicly shame those who waste resources and to create transparency in real-estate. 

However, many are fearful that when Bloomberg resigns from office next January, that the green initiative will crumble. The Urban Green Council along with several organizations in the real estate industry have released the "Green Building Roadmap for NYC's Next Mayor," which outlines steps to continue energy-efficiency efforts, including improving waste management and heating in schools and removing the use of low-grade oil in city factories. 

Although mayoral candidates do not necessarily have to use this roadmap, the coalition of environmental and real-estate groups could prove to be a useful ally during the campaigns. Urban voters and residents are becoming more aware of green initiatives and the necessity of energy-efficiency, suggesting that even though Bloomberg will leave office, green campaigns are here to stay.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GreenEDU Partners with Mandell Environmental Consulting

Totowa, NJ- Mandell Environmental Consulting is joining the GreenEDU network of environmental and safety services. As a leader in lead-based paint training in New Jersey, Mandell Environmental Consulting provides its clients with EPA-approved lead safety training and certification and provides quality training and expertise. They provided services for 17 years for a wide range of clients including schools, office buildings, and homes, and are committed to creating safe, healthy environments for the public.

Mandell Environmental Consulting currently offers EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial courses in northern New Jersey through

About Mandell Environmental Consulting
Mandell Environmental Consulting has been in business since 1996 and is licensed in a broad range of environmental areas. Our inspectors are trained in the latest regulations with continuing EPA certified programs designed to enable us to best meet your environmental needs. Our headquarters is located in Northern New Jersey and we serve clients throughout the NY, NJ and PA tri-state area. Our training school is EPA accredited in all EPA model states for Lead Renovation.

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OSHA, Asbestos, and Lead Training in Virginia Now Available From Metropolitan Solutions

Portsmouth, VA- GreenEDU has recently announced a strategic partnership with Metropolitan Solutions, Inc, an environmental and building services company. They have provided services to firms such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, and the United States Coast Guard. They are driven by the responses of their clients, and their success is due to their client relations and and unparalleled customer service. For 27 years, Metropolitan Solutions has provided Virginia workers with professional training and dedication, and GreenEDU is excited to help them continue to grow.

Currently, Metropolitan Solutions provides Asbestos Worker/Handler training, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training, EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Lead Inspector Certification training, and OSHA 10-Hour Maritime Industry training.

About Metropolitan Solutions, Inc.
In today’s highly competitive environment, quick turnaround, absolute precision, professional expertise, and personalized attention to your needs matter more than ever. Across our portfolio of environmental testing, training and real estate due diligence services, we pledge to you the best in rapid, attentive client service and dedication to providing you with solutions. Since 1986, as a coast-to-coast organization, Metropolitan Solutions has been assisting customers and helping companies solve challenges. Our focus on problem solving is achieved within the framework of appropriate regulations while balancing risk versus cost. Client satisfaction has propelled our growth as a national organization from our beginnings in a single location over 25 years ago.

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Going Green as an Competitive Economic Advantage

"The Big Green Opportunitysurveyed over 1300 businesses in 2012 and demonstrated that green business goods and services are growing faster than any other good in the economy. Green business has created opportunities for microbusinesses to rise out of the recession. Those surveyed reported that the greener the product, the more likely it was to sell.

There has been an increase in consumer demand for green goods, allowing many small businesses who offer organic, natural, or green products a high competitive advantage. This new "green competition" is driving economic activity and is stimulating the green industry.

According to "The Big Green Opportunity," renewable energy use has increased 456%, the organic food market grew 238%, and green certifications has grown 180% since 2002.

The Big Green Opportunity
Although the housing market shrank 17% after the housing bubble burst at the beginning of the recession, green building was not phased, growing by 1700%. Green building now represents 38% of the construction market and generated $54 billion in revenue in 2011.

Small businesses are going green by purchasing energy-efficient equipment, providing energy conservation training, and using efficient lightbulbs, leading to a reduction in energy waste and high returns on investment.

The survey encourages small businesses to act fast--going green won't always be a competitive advantage, as larger firms and corporations are beginning to adopt green and energy-efficient practices. Going green isn't just an alternative lifestyle; it's quickly becoming an industry norm. Consumer demand for sustainability is higher than ever, so small businesses must seize this opportunity before larger corporations do.

Learn how to integrate sustainability into your business plans and projects with our Green Business Practices courses!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hazwoper Training in California Schedule Expanded with Creation World Safety Partnership

Torrance, CA - GreenEDU is excited to announce that Creation World Safety will be joining the GreenEDU network of health and safety training services. Creation World Safety aims to provide their clients will unparalleled customer service and affordable prices so that their students can meet the HAZWOPER and OSHA training requirements in California necessary for their careers. They are dedicated to work with the clients to bring their businesses to the next level and have provided quality service for over 10 years. GreenEDU is looking forward to working with such a reliable and dedicated company as our clients will benefit from the care and attention Creation World Safety guarantees its students.

Currently, Creation World Safety offers several safety courses in Southern California with GreenEDU including HAZWOPER 40 Hour courses, HAZWOPER Refresher courses, Confined Space Competent Person training, and Forklift Operator Certification.

About Creation World Safety
Creation World Safety is a safety consulting firm that develops written safety policies and procedures, conducts worksite inspections, audits, incident investigations, and provides training to employees, supervisors and management personnel. Their safety specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in performing loss prevention management audits, and working with companies to ensure that their safety programs meet or exceed industry standards and that they are complying with local, state, and federal safety regulations. It may mean conducting a one day refresher class, or providing safety training on a continuous basis, they will do what is necessary to ensure compliance to industry standards, regardless of the size and nature of the business. They work with businesses nationwide to implement solutions that apply the best industry practices to improve the client's daily operations and structure trainings to meet the unique needs of each client's operation. Their safety and consulting teams are comprised of professionals that have many years of experience in their respective fields, and each professional strives to ensure that our programs meet the ever evolving safety compliance needs of the workplace.

For more information and for Creation Worlds Safety's available OSHA and HAZWOPER courses in California, visit

Asbestos Training and Lead Paint Classes in WA Now Available With New Partner Cole and Associates

Kent, WA - GreenEDU has recently announced a new partnership with Cole and Associates, Training and Consulting, Inc, a Washington-based training certification and environmental services company. They have a wide range of expertise and offer courses in areas such as workplace safety and hazard removal. They have provided their reliable, customer-oriented services to Washington and at a national level for over 14 years, and GreenEDU believes that this partnership will assist them in continued growth.

Cole and Associates, Training and Consulting, Inc, currently provides numerous services with GreenEDU including Lead Inspector Certification, Lead Risk Assessor Certification, Asbestos Supervisor Refresher, and Asbestos Worker Refresher in Washington state.

About Cole and Associates, Training and Consulting, Inc.
Cole and Associates Training & Consulting Inc is an engineering firm dedicated to workplace safety and environmentally sound guidance for construction management and corporate training endeavors. They specialize in Environmental Services, Workplace Health and Safety Training, Construction Monitoring, and Environmental Hazard Removal. They also offer Asbestos, Lead, HAZMAT, and HAZWOPER training courses. Their multi-disciplined team of experienced scientists, professional engineers, industrial hygienists, and environmental specialists are committed to the safe control, removal and disposal of hazardous chemical and physical agents found in living and working environment. They currently serve the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and Midwest states with a broad range of environmental services.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

New Florida Lead Paint and Asbestos Training Announced With OHC Environmental Engineering

Tampa, FL- Recently, GreenEDU partnered with OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc, a minority-owned environmental consulting company. OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc, strives to be as professional and cost-effective as possible, delivering quality environmental training services to its clients. Its emphasis on customer relations drive the company to be dependable and approachable, and this partnership will allow us to expand OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc's influence and reach.

OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc. currently offers a number of training courses with GreenEDU. These include Asbestos Inspector Refresher, Asbestos Supervisor Refresher, Asbestos Management Planner Refresher, EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training in Tampa, Florida.

About OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Located in Tampa, Florida, OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc specializes in the design, development, and delivery of training programs for environmental occupations. Their mission is to offer the highest quality training for a broad range of environmental topics by using innovative methods taught by experienced trainers and balancing technical instruction with practical application. They strive to provide necessary knowledge and skills through enlightening, current, and entertaining instruction to individuals in environmental occupations.

For more information and to register for courses, visit

GreenEDU and Southface Energy Institute Partner for LEED Training in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA- GreenEDU is excited to announce a partnership with Southface Energy Institute. Southface Energy Institute has been providing its expertise in sustainable design and environmental training for over 30 years and partners with businesses, schools, neighborhoods, and the government to bring environmentally friendly buildings to the communities of the Southeast. They are dedicated to creating and promoting sustainable, healthy buildings to keep the public safe, and GreenEDU is looking forward to assisting them in their mission.

Southface Energy Institute currently offers LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Training in Atlanta, GA through GreenEDU.

About Southface Energy Institute
Since its beginnings in 1978, Southface Energy Institute has promoted comfortable, energy-, water-, and resource-efficient homes, workplaces and communities throughout the Southeast. Today, they continue this important mission through the example of their award-winning Eco Office, a building that uses 84 percent less water and 53 percent less energy than comparably sized conventional commercial facilities; through their Resource Center, which showcases more than 100 residential green building innovations; and through their education programs, hands-on technical assistance, advocacy and research work. Southface believes the marketplace is the greatest force for environmental change. As a result, they focus on entrepreneurial initiatives that benefit the environment. They are proud to partner extensively with business, government and community leaders to deliver programs and services that support environmentally sound building practices.

For more information or to register for an Atlanta LEED training course, visit

Friday, June 14, 2013

GreenEDU Partners with Public Health and Safety, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois - GreenEDU is partnering with Public Health and Safety, Inc, a Chicago-based firm that provides environmental consulting services and training. Public Health and Safety, Inc. has provided Chicago with professional training and effective solutions for their clients for the past 20 years, and they offer a variety of courses in Asbestos, Lead Renovators, and Lead Abatement training in Illinois. They offer services to a wide range of clients including schools, manufacturers, engineers, and home owners.

Public Health and Safety, Inc, currently offers a number of courses with GreenEDU including Asbestos Worker/Handler training, Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor training, EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, and Lead Abatement Worker Certification Initial training in Chicago.

Additionally, they offer multiple courses in Spanish including Lead Abatement Worker Refresher in Spanish and Asbestos Worker Refresher in Spanish.

About Public Health and Safety, Inc.Public Health & Safety, Inc (PHSI) is a Chicago-based firm with professional and technical competence in public health, chemistry, toxicology, exposure assessment, occupational hygiene, employee training and awareness, environmental abatement project management, and air sampling. They provide professional support services for employers, manufacturers, chemical industry, school districts, unions, building owners, real estate and insurance agents, architectural, engineering and law firms. They are experienced and qualified in the following areas: Project Management, including field testing of air, water, and solids, along with bulk sampling, hazard assessment, development of management control options, budgets and specifications for indoor and outdoor waste contaminants; Project Design, including budgeting and management of asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and lead-based hazard control projects; Real Estate, particularly environmental and financial risk management support services for federally subsidized property maintenance and re-development operations; and Training and Awareness Programs in the occupational and environmental health and safety field, with their most recent addition being the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Initial and Refresher courses.

For more information and all available courses, visit

GreenEDU Announces Partnership with EnviroEd

Hazleton, PA-- GreenEDU has recently announced a new partnership with EnviroEd. As a partner of the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), EnviroED ensures quality training to keep homes and buildings safe. EnviroED strives to bring instruction and excitement to its students with fun hands-on activities and is dedicated to helping their students reach their full potential. GreenEDU believes that this partnership will allow EnviroED to continue growing and that it will bring success to both the company and our clients in Pennsylvania.

EnviroEd currently offers EPA Lead Certification Initial training in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

About EnviroEdEnviroEd, LLC is a proud partner of the National Center for Healthy Housing, an EPA accredited training provider for RRP. As of 2012, NCHH has partnered with EnviroEd to train over 2,500 individuals in PA, NY, NJ, and AZ. They are committed to providing a fun, thorough educational experience both during the class and as needed while in the field. Jessica Lucas, the main principal instructor and training manager has worked for close to 15 years as an environmental inspector and is certified in all EPA and PA lead certifications (supervisor, risk assessor, project designer, Certified Renovator). The students will learn not only the textbook information, but also application through the eyes of a contractor, an inspector, and a government employee! All hands-on activities are conducted in small groups so everyone in the course participates and has a little fun while doing so!

For more information and to register for courses in Pennsylvania, visit

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Sustainable Are Federal Agencies?

In October 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance, which established the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the movement toward sustainability as a priority for the federal government. The Executive Order directed Federal agencies to move toward sustainability by reducing their carbon pollution, using renewable energy sources, and meeting water and energy efficiency goals.

Recently, the Federal agencies released their scorecards for the past year, which use a rating system to determine how sustainable and energy efficient their buildings are. The scorecards use red, yellow, and green colors to determine their efficiency, with green being the best.

For example, the Department of Energy earned green ratings in several fields, such as "Use of Renewable Energy" and "Reduction in Energy Intensity," increasing their renewable energy by about 17% and decreasing their energy intensity by about 24%. However, the Department of Energy performed poorly, earning a red rating for their "Green Buildings," with only 2.7% of their buildings being sustainable.

The General Services Administration performed well, earning all green ratings, with 10% of their buildings being green and sustainable. They are saving $65 million of taxpayer money by becoming more energy efficient. The Environmental Protection Agency also did well, increasing their renewable energy use by 122% in place of nonrenewable energy. Although several agencies received green ratings in all of their categories, others did not. The Department of Education, NASA, and the Department of Health and Human Services, for example, have not met many of their 2020 goals.

Although the federal government is making great strides in the movement toward sustainable living and energy efficiency, receiving green ratings in several categories such as renewable energy use and green house gas reduction, a number of the agencies have still not met their green building goals, despite having a number of LEED certified buildings in their possession. However, their dedication to efficient energy use is saving billions of taxpayers' money while helping the environment, and it may take more time before they complete their goals.

To view all of the agencies' scorecards, visit

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GreenEDU Announces Partnership with HEC Environmental Group, Inc

Benton, AR--Recently, GreenEDU has partnered with HEC Environmental Group, Inc, to increase awareness of its asbestos certification courses in Arkansas. HEC Environmental Group, Inc. provides professional training coupled with excellent customer service, and they have continued to serve the public for the past 14 years. We are excited to help HEC Environmental Group, Inc. to bring health and safety training to the community.

HEC Environmental Group, Inc. currently offers Asbestos Worker Refresher courses and Asbestos Project Designer Refresher courses in Arkansas, listed with GreenEDU.

About HEC Environmental Group, Inc.
HEC Environmental Group, Inc provides asbestos training for regulated renovation/demolition activities in Arkansas. They offer Initial and Refresher training for Asbestos Worker, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner, Asbestos Project Designer, and Asbestos Air Monitoring. In addition, they also provide OSHA awareness training and Operations and Maintenance.

For more information and to register for courses, visit

Abatement Professionals Corporation Joins GreenEDU Network

Westbrook, ME--GreenEDU is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Abatement Professionals Corporation. Abatement Professionals Corporation has been providing clients with safe, cost-effective solutions and training for over 32 years. As the first licensed asbestos contractor in Maine, they have led other training companies by example and continue to offer clients with unmatched instruction and customer service.

"We are excited to work with Abatement Professionals Corporation," stated Zachary Rose, the CEO and founder of GreenEDU. "Their commitment to staff development and training and customer service really reflects the dedication of the company to the industry. We hope to help them continue with their success."

Abatement Professionals Corporation currently provides several courses with GreenEDU including EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Lead Renovators Certification Refreshers, Asbestos Supervisor Refreshers, and Asbestos Worker Refresher courses in Maine.

About Abatement Professionals CorporationAbatement Professionals Corporation has been a fully licensed Asbestos and Lead Abatement Contractor in Maine and New Hampshire since 1981 in accordance with Maine and New Hampshire State Regulations. They were the first licensed asbestos contractor in the State of Maine and one of the earliest contractors to be licensed in New England. Their goal is to provide their clients with safe, comprehensive and cost effective abatement solutions to all of their abatement needs. They perform asbestos abatement work consistently for schools and for both the public and private sectors. Since expanding the scope of services beyond plastering work, they have maintained our aggressive commitment to staff development by providing ongoing training and education for all employees. Their vast knowledge of asbestos and lead work is recognized to the extent that often times, key Abatement Professionals staff members are called upon to facilitate training programs for other asbestos and lead contractors in Maine. It is safe to say Abatement Professionals Corporations leads by example and take pride in their credibility and continued success.

For more information and training schedule for asbestos and lead training courses in Maine, please visit

Going Green in 3 Easy Steps

Going green doesn't have to be hassle, and it can save you plenty of money and resources. Going green is more important than ever as the need to reduce our carbon footprint is high, and our resources are continuously decreasing. Here are some simple ways to go green in your home:

1) Decreasing Water- The easiest, and most significant way to decrease your water consumption is to limit your time in the shower. This will reduce your water and heat consumption. You can also install low-flow shower heads, which use less water but are priced similarly to regular shower heads. Although there is no immediate incentive for low-flow shower heads, they will significantly reduce your utilities bill in the long-run.

2) Decreasing Energy- There are several ways you can decrease energy consumption in your home. Because the central air conditioning unit uses the most electricity in a common home, you can start by adjusting your thermostat. 78 degrees in the spring and summer, and 65 degrees in the fall and winter is preferred. You can also invest in energy-efficient fluorescent, halogen, or LED lightbulbs. They use about half of the energy output of incandescent lightbulbs, and contrary to popular myth, they do not have health risks.

3) Using Green Cleaners- You can save money while helping the environment by creating your own home cleaners. For all-purpose green cleaning supplies, try using dissolved vinegar or baking soda mixed with warm water. An olive-oil and white vinegar mixture also functions as a polisher for wood. Using half a grapefruit and salt also function as a great bathtub scrub.

Learn more about how you can go green on your next building or design project by attending our Going Green, Being Green, Saving Green 1.5 hour webinar - approved for AIA HSW and GBCI LEED CMP Hours! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GreenEDU's Recent Partnership with Safe Objectives

Asbestos School Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO -- Safe Objectives has joined GreenEDU's network of health and environmental training firms. Safe Objectives is a family-owned business that strives to bring the best instruction and service to their clients in Colorado. They offer professional, relevant experience and their staff has advanced degrees and backgrounds in construction and environmental training. We believe that this partnership will allow Safe Objectives to expand their outreach in Colorado, and that our clients will enjoy the professionalism and commitment that Safe Objectives ensures. Safe Objectives offers Asbestos training and EPA Lead Certification in Colorado.

Currently, Safe Objectives offers courses in Colorado Springs and Durango in EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training and Asbestos Operation and Maintenance training available through

About Safe Objectives
Safe Objectives is an industry-leading environmental firm with a goal to provide cost effective solutions to environmental concerns. They are a single source for Indoor Air Quality, Safety, and Environmental Inspections of Residential and Commercial Properties. They are committed to improving the quality of life by safeguarding their community through education, cooperation, and fair application of health and safety standards. They take pride in their customer service, integrity, professionalism and ability to understand and meet the needs of their clients.

For more information and to sign up for courses, visit

GreenEDU Announces Partnership with Globeteck Group, Inc.

Honolulu, HI -- GreenEDU has partnered with Globeteck Group, Inc, one of Hawaii's fastest growing health and safety training firms. Globeteck Group, Inc. uses its relevant experience and emphasis on teamwork to ensure the success of their clients. The company provides services on a local and federal level and has been expanding its outreach for the past 15 years to include state and local agencies, land developers, and contractors. We are excited to aid Globeteck Group, Inc. in its mission to attend to its clients' concerns and become an industry leader.

Globeteck Group, Inc. provides training in multiple fields and currently offers a variety of courses through GreenEDU including EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Lead Inspector Certification Initial training, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training, Asbestos Worker Refresher, and HAZWOPER Refresher courses in Hawaii.

About Globeteck Group, Inc.Globeteck Group Inc's mission is to educate, inform and advise, and to be attentive to their clients' concerns. They offer certification courses for asbestos, lead, hazardous waste, mold, and OSHA, and are one of Hawaii's fastest growing environmental firms. Within just a few short years, they have extended their service to federal, state and local agencies, public utilities, A & E firms, land developers, and contractors in Hawaii, Alaska, Korea and Japan. With offices in both Hawaii and Guam, they are confident that their environmental and safety training is primed to reach the globe!

For more information and to view Globoteck's training schedule in Hawaii, visit

USGBC Offers Free LEED Certification with "LEED Earth" Campaign

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced a new campaign called "LEED Earth," which offers free LEED certification to the first projects to certify in countries where LEED has not yet launched. Currently, there are 114 countries that do not have LEED certified buildings, including Afghanistan, Iceland, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Jamaica. The USGBC hopes to bring LEED to new markets by providing an incentive for builders and designers to create more efficient, environmentally-friendly buildings.

LEED strives to address issues of water and energy use, waste disposal, and environmental health concerns on an individual and community level. LEED buildings use less energy, waste less money, and reduce carbon emissions and USGBC believes that this important step for LEED will allow for better innovation, a healthier community, and a sustainable future. Any type of building can become LEED certified, including new construction, existing buildings, homes, and neighborhoods.

To participate in the program and register a project, contact For the campaign’s rules and regulations, visit