Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GreenEDU Partners with The Laboratory Safety Institute

Natick, MA- Recently, The Laboratory Safety Institute joined the GreenEDU network of health and safety training services. The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) provides OSHA/Construction Safety courses and specialized training for lab safety. LSI strives to teach their employees and students to care about health and safety and to identify these hazards in their day to day lives. As a non-profit organization, LSI genuinely cares about the lives and safety of their students and the public, and they provide additional resources to help their clients reach success, such as online instructional videos, internet discussions, and lab guidelines in multiple languages.

The Laboratory Safety Institute currently provides a variety of courses with GreenEDU. These courses include  a Two-Day Lab Safety Short Course, Lab Waste Management, One-Day Lab Safety Seminar, Chemical Hygiene Officer training across the US.

About The Laboratory Safety Institute
The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) was founded in 1978 by Dr. James A. Kaufman to provide safety training for secondary school science teachers. They are a non-profit (501C3) corporation and Massachusetts Public Charity and the only Non-Profit International Center for Lab Safety in Science and Science Education. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality safety training, audits, inspections and consultation services in a wide variety of academic and non-academic environments. To date, they have trained over 70,000 professionals from secondary schools, universities, colleges, government, and private industries.

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