Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Become a LEED AP in 5 Steps

LEED exam prep
Interested in becoming a LEED AP? Here is a simple breakdown of the process:

1. Prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam
Green Associate is the entry level credential in LEED. Read the LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook to get started. Then decide if you want to take a prep class, offered locally or online, or study on your own with prep materials.

2. Take and Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam
Once you're feeling confident, create an account at and apply for the Green Associate exam. GBCI will let you know when you are approved to schedule your exam appointment, which is taken at a local Prometric testing center. The exam is offered on-demand, year round. At the testing center you'll take the 100 question, multiple choice exam on a computer, and as soon as you hit "submit" you'll receive your score and results.

3. Become Eligible for the LEED AP+ Exam
If you have experience working on a LEED registered project within the last 3 years, you're in! You are eligible for the exam, and all you'll need to do is get a letter of attestation, or utilize LEED Online to demonstrate your work experience to GBCI. If you cannot demonstrate LEED project experience through work, you can participate in an online program to earn this experience instead.

4.  Choose a LEED AP+ Specialty & Prepare
Specialty credentials for LEED were introduced in 2009 with LEED v3, and are based on the LEED rating systems.  There is a different LEED AP+ exam for the Building Design & Construction (BD+C), Interior Design & Construction (ID+C), Operations & Maintenance (O+M), Homes, and Neighborhood Development (ND) specialties. The different options at the LEED AP credentialing level can be confusing, but just think of it this way: the LEED AP credential is like a Bachelor's degree, while the Specialty (ie. BD+C, ID+C, etc.) is like your Major. Just like Green Associate, you have options for training classes, or self-study for the AP exam.

5. Take & Pass the LEED AP+ Exam
The final step is getting yourself registered and showing off your LEED expertise as you tackle the LEED AP+ exam. The registration and testing procedures are just like Green Associate, from step 2.
At GreenEDU we like to say that the real final step of becoming a LEED AP is doing a victory dance after receiving your passing score.

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