Saturday, June 29, 2013

Longpoint Environmental Training Joins GreenEDU Network

GreenEDU has recently announced a new partnership with Longpoint Environmental Training. Longpoint Environmental Training provides environmental and safety training in multiple locations, including Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas. With over 6 years of education expertise, they give their students the necessary instruction for them to pass their exams and meet the state certification requirements. They provide quality asbestos training on a daily basis in their multiple locations, making it easy and convenient for students to register for a course. Longpoint Environmental Training currently offers Asbestos Certification courses with GreenEDU, and we are looking forward to this partnership.

"We are excited to work with Longpoint Environmental Training," stated GreenEDU CEO Zachary Rose. "They have multiple training locations and offer Asbestos certification for several disciplines. We believe that GreenEDU can help Longpoint Environmental Training grow and continue with their success."

Longpoint Environmental Training currently offers many courses with GreenEDU, and has over 200 upcoming training courses, including Asbestos Worker/Handler training and Asbestos Supervisor training. They also offer training courses in Spanish as well as Refresher courses for each discipline.

About Longpoint Environmental Training
Longpoint Environmental Training is a licensed environmental and safety training provider operating in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas. We provide training that is required by OSHA, EPA, and other state agencies. Our course offerings - which include Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Construction Safety, and Hazardous Materials - provide our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to earn the appropriate certification and to ultimately perform their work in a safe and professional manner.

To register for a course or to view more information, visit