Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OSHA, Asbestos, and Lead Training in Virginia Now Available From Metropolitan Solutions

Portsmouth, VA- GreenEDU has recently announced a strategic partnership with Metropolitan Solutions, Inc, an environmental and building services company. They have provided services to firms such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, and the United States Coast Guard. They are driven by the responses of their clients, and their success is due to their client relations and and unparalleled customer service. For 27 years, Metropolitan Solutions has provided Virginia workers with professional training and dedication, and GreenEDU is excited to help them continue to grow.

Currently, Metropolitan Solutions provides Asbestos Worker/Handler training, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training, EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial training, Lead Inspector Certification training, and OSHA 10-Hour Maritime Industry training.

About Metropolitan Solutions, Inc.
In today’s highly competitive environment, quick turnaround, absolute precision, professional expertise, and personalized attention to your needs matter more than ever. Across our portfolio of environmental testing, training and real estate due diligence services, we pledge to you the best in rapid, attentive client service and dedication to providing you with solutions. Since 1986, as a coast-to-coast organization, Metropolitan Solutions has been assisting customers and helping companies solve challenges. Our focus on problem solving is achieved within the framework of appropriate regulations while balancing risk versus cost. Client satisfaction has propelled our growth as a national organization from our beginnings in a single location over 25 years ago.

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