Friday, July 12, 2013

Aruba to Run on 100% Sustainable Energy by 2020

Aruba Plans on Using Sustainable Energy by 2020
Aruba, a 70 square mile island in the Southern Caribbean Sea, is set to run on 100% sustainable energy by 2020. Due to the island's constant supply of sun, strong wind, and ocean currents, it is a prime location for research and testing for renewable energy. Aruba seeks to completely eliminate fossil fuels from its society within the next decade, creating a healthier, greener community. Sustainability efforts have transformed from small campaigns to a country-wide effort.

Tourists and travelers believe that the hotels and resorts on the island should be 100% responsible for the damage they cause to the environment. Six resorts on the island are certified by Earthcheck, an international certification alliance for tourism and travel. Eight more resorts are on the path to achieve certification soon. Locals have allied themselves with travelers and promoted the Aruba Reef Care Project, Aruba's largest environmental volunteer organization that strives to create cleaner reefs and beaches.

Currently The Vader Piet Windmill Farm on the northern side of the island supplies 20% of the island's energy. Aruba plans on creating a second wind farm by 2020, doubling the amount of wind-supplied energy and reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, an partnership between Aruba and Carbon War Room has been announced and plans to reduce Aruba's overall greenhouse gas emissions.

This method of thinking has given rise to an unparalleled commitment to the environment on the island, and they plan on setting an example for other countries to follow in the future.

About Aruba
As one of the most revisited destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba -- One Happy Island -- is an island of contradictions, where pristine turquoise waters collide against the desert-like terrain of the north shore; where peace and relaxation coexist with wild and rugged adventures; where Dutch influence meets American ease; and where a diverse history parallels a bright future. Nestled in the Southern Caribbean on the fringes of the hurricane belt, the island is just a two-and-a-half hour flight from Miami and a four-hour flight from New York City and also boasts year-round cooling trade winds and an average 82 degree temperature. Aruba offers beach lovers, adrenaline junkies, relaxation seekers and everyone in between a slice of paradise, including breathtaking beaches, a booming culinary scene, world famous festivals and events, exciting land and water activities, art galleries and museums, sumptuous spas, championships golf and exclusive shopping. With all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels in charming Eagle Beach, high-rise branded hotels in Palm Beach or a cosmopolitan city hotel in Oranjestad, the island of contradictions provides the perfect getaway for first-time guests and loyal visitors.