Wednesday, July 24, 2013

GreenEDU Trainer Spotlight: The Dell Group, Inc.

The Dell Group Inc. is an Ohio-based EPA Lead Certification training company. They provide Ohio Department of Health approved Lead Abatement training and EPA Lead Certified Renovation, Repair, and Painting training. For over 24 years, they have provided customized, expert training for their clients, seeking to meet any individual needs and questions. Their upmost concern is keeping their students well informed by educating them on state and federal regulations and providing hands-on, practical training.

The Dell Group Inc. strives to provide their students with a personal, specialized experience. GreenEDU student James C. commented that the, "Instructor was very knowledgeable about material. Took time to answer all of our questions and was very patient with us even if he would cover that material later on in the course. He gave several personal examples of his work history and how it related to the material, which added a personal touch."

Joseph D. added that the instructor provided, "real world examples of how to apply [the training] in the field."

The Dell Group currently has 58 upcoming courses with GreenEDU in Toledo, Cleveland, and Akron, Ohio. They currently offer the following EPA Lead Certification courses:

Those seeking to work with Lead Paint, must meet the state and federal requirements. The EPA has issued multiple certifications required for all companies and individuals who work on projects that have lead paint present. The normal requirement for an EPA lead certification is that companies must register and pay a fee with EPA (or their local jurisdiction depending on where they are located), and individuals must take an EPA-approved lead paint training course. Those who do not take the required training courses can face government fines as high as $37,500.

One of The Dell Group's most popular courses is the EPA Lead Certification Initial course, an 8-hour course that includes both EPA-approved lead safety training and certification. Any contractor performing qualifying work must employ at least one Certified Renovator who has successfully completed this training, in addition to being registered as a Lead Safe Certified Firm with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The course concludes with a 25 question EPA-certification exam.

About The Dell Group, Inc.
Founded in 1989, The Dell Group (providing training under our non-profit division, Lead Experts) offers professional consultation and training in many areas of expertise, including safety management and training, industrial hygiene, OSHA / EPA / DOT compliance, environmental engineering and permitting, indoor air quality, lead licensing, and development of environmental management systems. We provide custom, specialized programs for manufacturers, contractors, municipalities, schools, universities and service industries. Our state-of-the-art training methodologies are field and factory proven. Instead of lectures and textbook
s, the focus is placed on hands-on, practical skill development. In addition, all training is customized to be site-specific with variable formats based on trainee experience.

To check out all available courses and to register with The Dell Group, please visit: