Monday, July 29, 2013

Palo Alto, California To Use 100% Carbon-Neutral Energy

Palo Alto To Use 100% Clean Renewable Energy
Palo Alto Wind Turbines
Palo Alto, CA- Last Monday, Palo Alto decided to make the shift to carbon-free, renewable energy sources. Going forward, the city's energy will be derived from 100% clean, renewable energy resources. Because the city owns all of its own utilities, they will be able to make the shift without disrupting surrounding cities or shareholders. The city estimates that this will add $3 a year to energy bills for the average Palo Alto resident.

Palo Alto Mayor Greg Sharff stated, "Climate change is one of the critical challenges of our generation and we hope our actions will inspire others to follow suit."

Currently, Palo Alto derives about 50% of its energy from hydroelectricity. The city also makes use of wind turbines and solar panels.

Their plan is to have carbon-neutral electricity for the town by the end of 2013. For circumstances when renewable energy isn't enough, Palo Alto plans on buying short-term energy with the use of renewable energy certificates. These will be used to supplement long-term renewable energy resources.

Palo Alto's Carbon Neutral Plan is predicted to reduce 330,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2016.

"As a City, we’ve had cheaper, greener power for our citizens for decades, and being able to make this recent move to 100% carbon-free electricity is just another example of how owning our own utilities pays off," said City Manager James Keene.