Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SmartPros Ltd. Joins GreenEDU Network

smartpros online osha trainingGreenEDU is excited to announce a new partnership with SmartPros Ltd., a provider of online courses for OSHA and Construction training, EPA Lead Certification, Asbestos Certification, and Hazardous Materials training. SmartPros has provided its services for over 32 years and now offers a variety of online courses that can be taken at the convenience of the student. We are excited to work with SmartPros Ltd. as they recognize that the individual needs of students cannot always be met with in-person training, and therefore, have expanded their reach by providing courses that can be taken at anytime from the comfort of your home.

SmartPros Ltd. currently has 30 available training courses with GreenEDU and provides a number of courses online that can be taken anytime at your convenience. Some of these courses include:
  • Laboratory Safety Procedures
  • Chemical Spill and Control Procedures
  • Lead Awareness Guidelines
  • First Aid and CPR Principles
  • Asbestos Awareness Guidelines 
  • OSHA Fall Protection
  • Electrical Hazard Procedures
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SmartPros Ltd. also offers an OSHA Investigations and Inspections Online course. The moment OSHA inspectors arrive to perform an investigation is not the time to get your house in order. Compliance with OSHA regulations requires planning, preparation, training, follow-up, and review. This course teaches management, supervisors, safety professionals, human resources professionals, and others in your organization what to expect and how to properly respond when inspected by OSHA. 

Students taking this course will learn how to recognize what prompts an OSHA regulation, prepare for OSHA inspections, respond to OSHA-related questions, and learn legal proceedings and documentation. Managers, supervisors, and employees in all organizations subject to OSHA inspections and investigations should take this course. The course can be taken online at anytime when you sign up with GreenEDU! 

About SmartPros Ltd. 
Established in 1981, SmartPros (NASDAQ-CM: SPRO) is a leading provider of accredited professional education and training to Fortune 500 companies, as well as the major firms and associations in its professional markets. Our combined subscription libraries feature more than 2,000 course titles covering subjects in the accounting, financial services, legal & ethics, HR & compliance, engineering, health & safety and information technology industries. SmartPros' content is delivered via its award-winning SmartPros eCampusTM Learning Management System (LMS), offering enterprise-wide distribution and administration capabilities for corporations and associations.

To sign up for an online anytime course with SmartPros Ltd. visit http://www.greenedu.com/smartpros-ltd