Tuesday, August 27, 2013

California Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician Certifications

We have received quite a few questions lately about Asbestos Certification in California, specifically on how to become an Asbestos Consultant (CAC), and how that differs from the Site Surveillance Technician (CSST) certification. The following information was digested from Chapter 3.2. CAL/OSHA Article 2.6. Asbestos Consultants and Site Surveillance Technicians in an effort to demystify these certifications.

“Asbestos consultant” means any person who contracts to provide professional health and safety services relating to asbestos- containing construction material as defined in this subsection, which comprises 100 square feet or more of surface area. The activities of an asbestos consultant include building inspection, abatement project design, contract administration, sample collection, preparation of asbestos management plans, clearance monitoring, and supervision of site surveillance technicians as defined in this subsection.

“Site surveillance technician” means any person who acts as an independent on-site representative of an asbestos consultant. The site surveillance technician monitors the asbestos abatement activities of others, provides asbestos air monitoring services for area and personal samples, and performs building surveys and contract administration at the direction of an asbestos consultant.

Application for Examination and Certification: http://www.dir.ca.gov/DOSH/ACRU/ACRU_App_Pkg.pdf

Consultant: Initial App $500, Annual Renewal Fee $325
Site Surveillance Tech: Initial App $400; Annual Renewal $270

The application shall include:
Type of certification desired: Asbestos Consultant or Site Surveillance Technician, full name of applicant, & name under which the individual will be conducting business, Birthdate and Social Security Number, Address (Employment and Home), Telephone Number (Work and Home), 2 copies of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" current color photograph of applicant (passport type taken within the past 30 days).
The application also must include copies of valid certificates from AHERA training courses & proof of experience/education:

For Asbestos consultant applicants, show certificates from a DOSH-approved trainer for:
*Education/Experience Requirement options (any one of the following) for Asbestos Consultant:
A. One year of asbestos-related experience and a bachelor of science degree in engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, construction management, or a related biological or physical science;
B. Two years of asbestos-related experience and a bachelor's degree;
C. Three years of asbestos-related experience and an associate of arts degree in engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, construction management, or a related biological or physical science; or
D. Four years of asbestos-related experience and a high school diploma or its equivalent.

**Asbestos related work experience cannot be credited until after attending your first asbestos certification class**

For Site surveillance technician applicants, show certificates from a DOSH-approved trainer for:
  • inspector
  • abatement contractor/supervisor
  • and all subsequent annual refresher courses if needed 
  • certificates for abatement worker and abatement project designer may be submitted in lieu of the abatement contractor and supervisor certificate.
*Education/Experience requirements for Surveillance Tech:
Six (6) months of asbestos-related experience under the supervision of an asbestos consultant & possession of a high school diploma or equivalent.
**Individuals can request to sit for certification exam after 3 months of work experience, but the remaining 3 months experience must be completed before certification card is awarded.

The exams are closed-book, individuals must score 70% to pass.

View CAC/CSST Exam Details and Schedule

The Division will process application within 15 business days of receipt, and within 45 days they'll let you know if application was accepted/denied, and when/where the exam will be if you did qualify.

Still have questions on Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician certification, or looking for a different type of Asbestos Certification in California? Call Zack Academy at 1-800-355-1751.