Monday, August 12, 2013

GreenEDU Trainer Spotlight: Northwest Independent Contractors Association

Northwest Independent Contractors Association (NICA) is a Washington-based non-profit organization that provides environmental consulting and training services. They pride themselves as a resource for students and safety service employees and have a team of expert training staff. NICA's top instructors are accredited training specialists and receive praise from their students. They encourage their students to come into class with an open mind and be unafraid to ask questions. NICA's main goal is to keep students up to date and well informed, reducing the overall risk to students and their surroundings. NICA was formed as a pool of resources of contractors to complete tasks and training for companies efficiently and effectively, providing flexible hours and locations and low-cost classes.

Kris Alberti has an extensive construction and instruction background which she has blended to produce informative programs that give practical solutions to contractors. She brings 20 years of experience problem solving and creating compliance tools to her clients. Kris is OSHA 500 Safety, EPA’s Certified Lead Renovator,  OSHA’s Disaster Site Worker, First Aid/CPR and Apprenticeship Instructor.

Dale Yerabek has worked as a General Contractor/Specialty Roofing Contractor for the past 20 years. He brings real-life, relevant experience to his safety courses, and specializes in ladder safety, fall protection, and respiratory protection programs. Dale is an OSHA 500 Safety, EPA’s Certified Lead Renovator,  OSHA’s Disaster Site Worker, First Aid/CPR and Apprenticeship Instructor.

GreenEDU students have given Northwest Independent Contractors Association 100% positive feedback. David R. commented that the instructor was "very informative definitely knew what he was talking about." Michael B. praised the instructor and stated that he "was great at relaying the information."

NICA currently offers EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial courses with GreenEDU in multiple locations. The full training location list for NICA is:

  • Bellevue
  • Kennewick
  • Spokane Valley
  • Tacoma
  • Vancouver

Anyone who performs renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities must be certified in the State of Washington. Individuals and firms that are not certified could face fines of up to $37,500 per day.

The Lead Renovator Certification (Initial) course is 8 hours in length and includes both EPA-approved lead safety training and Washington Department of Commerce training. Any contractor performing qualifying work must employ at least one certified Lead Renovator who has successfully completed this course, in addition to being registered as a Lead Renovation Firm. The course concludes with a 25 question certification exam.

About Northwest Independent Contractors Association
NICA is a non-profit trade organization that provides inexpensive small contractor business consulting and works to pool contractor resources in order to accomplish tasks normally too daunting, time consuming, or expensive for individual companies to do themselves.

To register for a course with NICA, please visit