Friday, August 9, 2013

Wind Turbines Could Power European Union 4 Times Over

Deep-Sea Wind Turbines to Power European Union 4 Times Over
Wind Turbines
The European Wind and Energy Association recently released a report showing the need for offshore wind turbines, which would spark economic growth and meet the European Union's energy needs. The EWEA proposes that the European Union invest in these deep-sea turbines, as the energy is clean and efficient, and wind turbines in the North Sea alone could power the European Union 4 times over.

The technology for these turbines is still in early development, and this large-scale commercial project would need to overcome economic challenges and political opposition. The report found that current commercial wind turbines reach a maximum water depth of 40-50 meters. These deep-sea turbines would need to extend past 50 meters. If these challenges can be met, the EWEA predicts that the first deep-sea wind farms could be installed by 2017, and wind could make up a large portion of the European Union's energy.

Deep-sea turbines are shown to provide clean, efficient energy and with the European Union's access to multiple water sources, including the Atlantic Ocean and the North and Baltic Seas, these offshore wind turbines have the potential to power the entire European Union with clean, renewable energy--eliminating the need for nuclear power or coal.

Despite the possibilities that these wind turbines offer, the proposal faces much opposition. The United Kingdom, for example, believes that the European Union should allow each country to decide their green energy goals. The EWEA, however, recommends to act sooner in order to meet 2030 energy goals: "A clear and stable legislative framework post 2020 based on a binding 2030 renewable energy target is needed to drive deep offshore wind development and deployment."

To read the full report from the European Wind and Energy Association, click here.

via CleanTechnica

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