Friday, September 13, 2013

USGBC Makes Strides in Green Efforts Data Collection

The U.S. Green Building Council broke news last week that they’ve been able to compile figures about each state and their various green initiatives. All 77 chapters of USGBC assisted in collecting the data.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Approximately 4.3 million U.S. residents live and work in LEED-certified buildings
  • Sources show LEED-rated properties are worth more than those properties that are not LEED-rated and that people searching for properties are more likely to rank LEED-certified buildings on the top of their desirables list
  • Solar panels will shortly return to the roof of The White House after 32 years
USGBC has made available the Snapshots from all of the states. These documents are detailed with numerical figures that represent the green initiatives within the state. The document also includes the state’s ranking in terms of total LEED commercial buildings. The collection of this data is important so that the green building community can assess where the strengths and weakness are and move forward.

Green Education Services’ home state of New York boasts 11,417 LEED Professionals, 757 LEED Certified commercial buildings and 1,591 LEED Certified residential units.

Here are additional highlights from other leading states:

  • Ranked #1 in total LEED commercial buildings
  • The state has 5995 LEED certified residential units
  • In terms of land, CA has 316 LEED certified square feet
  • Ranked #2 in total LEED commercial buildings
  • They have 9650 LEED professionals
  • Ranked # 7 in total LEED commercial buildings
  • The state has 8635 LEED professionals
  • LEED Certified K-12 and Higher Education projects: 114
  • Ranked #13 in total LEED commercial buildings
  • They have 6324 LEED professionals
  • 486 LEED certified commercial buildings

All of these states are pulling together with the aim to improve the sustainability of building projects. Next year, they hope for increased figures, moving towards a greener America.

To review your state’s standings from USGBC's data, click here.

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