Monday, September 16, 2013

USGBC Shares Insight on Member Companies and Chapters

USGBC recently reported that its company members work in and are part of a community of 13,000 organizations that support green building through their every day actions in sustainability. Member companies are geographically universal and include a strong network of support across nearly every type of industry. USGBC relies on its company members to help move the green building industry forward. USGBC offers four membership levels that represent different engagement and commitment levels: Organization, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The average length of an organization's USGBC membership is five years.

USGBC chapters also play a great role in advancing USGBC's mission, by implementing education and LEED certification training, and connecting with media and policymakers. Green building councils are also forming around the world to lead change for better buildings and education. They consist of full-time staff members and volunteers to drive their projects forward. The total number of USGBC chapters is currently at 77, with 29,955 members and 139 staff (part time or full time). The USGBC chapter community has created a presence in all 50 states and countless local communities. Many professionals in a wide variety of industries utilize the sustainable building knowledge and resources provided by these local USGBC chapters.

To date there are ten chapters in the Pacific region, nine in the west region, 16 in heartland region, five in the south-central region, 11 in south-east region, eight in Florida-Caribbean region, seven in upper north-east region and 11 in north-east corridor region. Local USGBC chapters are critical because they create educational, advocacy-related and community based events that support the growth of green building in their geographical areas.

For 2013, USGBC chapters focused on the following areas:
    Green services of USGBC chapters
  • 64% established common ground around green schools
  • 60% implemented better building codes
  • 58% provided green building tour
  • 52% have leadership with LEED
  • 47% working towards State Capitol Advocacy Day
  • 38% highlight green homes
  • 37% improve energy data access
  • 37% mainstream building benchmarking
  • 32% promote healthy and efficient affordable housing

USGBC recently highlighted some of its local chapter activities taking place across the U.S.:

    Chapters' collaboration and media placements
  • Urban Green Council published a green building plan to introduce to NYC's next mayor to move the green building movement in New York further.
  • Detroit Region and Western Michigan Chapters worked simultaneously to plan a successful USGBC green schools event at the AIA Green Schools conference in Lansing, Mich. on June 25, 2013.
  • The Missouri Gateway Chapter launched their High Performance Building Initiative to increase square footage of third-party verified green space in the St. Louis region, and secured 18 local business signatories to the initiative. 
Chapter membership has also been shown to help professionals develop other important skills, such as strengthening their leadership and managerial skills. Membership also provides networking opportunities with fellow chapter members across the country, access up-to-date USGBC education and resources, and resources to help make a strong impact in their community. 

For more information on USGBC's LEED green building rating system, and to learn how you can join the sustainable design movement, visit