Friday, November 1, 2013

Featured Course: Meth Lab Decontamination Training

Meth Lab Cleanup Training
Crystal Meth
Across the U.S., remediation specialists are seeing an increase in demand for methamphetamine laboratory cleanup services as production and use of the drug increases. Once a lab has been shut down, the remaining space can be extremely hazardous, which is why cities and property owners are seeking to hire professionals who have the appropriate training and certification. Green Education Services now offers a Methamphetamine Laboratory Decontamination Course for professionals looking to provide this service.

Transforming a former meth lab safe for reoccupation requires two basic efforts: the removal of gross contamination (i.e., containers of chemicals, equipment and apparatus used to make illegal drugs); and the remediation of interior structures and surrounding soil, surface waters and groundwater. The meth lab decontamination course provides voluntary guidelines related to remediation.

Remediation involves utilizing recognized procedures and technology-based standards to restore former meth labs to a state in which the property can be inhabited again—or, instead, identifying properties that are not yet ready for reoccupation and must undergo further treatment. Remediation always occurs after gross chemical removal, when the site is secured and is no longer subject to criminal investigation.

This Methamphetamine Laboratory Decontamination course covers what is used to make methamphetamine and highlights the contamination associated with the production (cooking) of methamphetamine and what dangers result from that production. In addition, students will learn about the most current methamphetamine production methods. Students will also be taught how to survey the laboratory, test for contaminants, and learn how to proceed with decontamination.

Below are just a few of the topics covered in the Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup course:
  • Methamphetamine Background
  • Production of Methamphetamine
  • Hazards of Clandestine Labs
  • HAZCOM Plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Respiratory Protection
  • Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Equipment Options
  • Pre-Decon Info Gathering & Contamination Assessment
  • Salvage/Disposal Decisions
  • Lab Sampling/Reports
  • Decon/Remediation
  • Outbuildings, Dump Sites
  • Burn Pits & Disposal
  • Waste Characterization
  • Chemical Irritants - Tear Gas/OC
  • Salvage/No Salvage Decisions
  • Cleanup and Neutralization
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