Thursday, April 24, 2014

Google and Sunpower Corp. Partner to Provide Solar Power for Families Nationwide

Google Inc. and Sunpower Corp. have established a recent partnership to provide financing for residential solar leasing projects. This program will allow residential home owners to install solar power systems in their homes at lower prices. The partnership is estimated to provide $250 million in financing--Google Inc. contributing $100 million, and Sunpower Corp. contributing $150 million. Currently, 20,000 residents have solar systems through Sunpower Corp's financing, but the company plans on expanding to families across the nation to make solar energy more affordable and accessible to families. 
Source: Google Energy Investments

Google is known for its sustainability efforts. It has contributed over $1 billion to renewable energy products, and its data centers use 50% less energy than typical data centers. This new program with Sunpower Corp. will allow thousands of families to gain access to solar energy systems. Google and Sunpower will use the funding to purchase solar panels, and then will lease them to families for a price that is lower than a typical energy bill. The initiative plans to help families save money while helping the environment. 

Google has invested in over 16 renewable energy projects around the world, including wind farms in Texas, solar facilities in California, and solar installations in South Africa.  "Just because Earth Day is over," said Rob Parker from the Google Renewable Energy Team, "doesn’t mean we’re done doing good things for the planet."