Monday, December 21, 2015

Companies Pay $7 Billion in EPA Enforcement Actions

In 2015, the EPA - through the record-setting hazardous waste, Clean Air Act, and Superfund settlements - have acquired more than $7 billion through enforcement actions. These plans have made it mandatory for companies to invest in equipment to help contain any pollution and make it easier to clean up any contaminated areas.

These cases culminated in a major reduction in 430 million pounds of air pollutants and accumulated $404 million from federal administrative, civil judicial penalties, and other criminal fines. The EPA have also received around $2 billion in commitments to clear up Superfund sites and $39 million invested into environmental projects to help neighborhoods hurt by pollution.

A big example of this are the three subsidiaries of Duke Energy Corporation, the largest energy utility in the US, agreeing to pay a $68 million criminal fine and invest $34 million on environmental projects & land conservation.

The EPA can fine companies up to $37,500 per day for violations of lead regulations. Landlords, Renovators, Painters, Installers, Contractors: avoid fines and get EPA Lead Certified before performing any work on pre-1978 homes. Record keeping issues are one of the most common violations that often results in large fines. Make sure you have your project paperwork in order by utilizing an RRP Project Binder.